ActivateFit.Gym - Club Rules


  1. Membership cards must be produced when requested by an ActivateFit.Gym staff member. Failing to present your card when requested may result in you being denied entry to our facilities. If you have lost your card a new one can be purchased for $5 from reception.
  2. Unauthorised entry is not permitted. Unauthorised entry includes but is not limited to: sharing passes, allowing a non-member unpaid entry, entry by emergency exits, and use of invalid or expired membership cards. Unauthorised entry represents theft and trespassing and is unlawful.
  3. Full length towels must be used by members on all gym equipment at all times. Members without towels will be asked to hire one from reception.
  4. Lockers are only available for use by members whilst in the facility.
  5. ActivateFit.Gym accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen belongings.
  6. Appropriate attire is to be worn at all times.
  7. Closed-in sports shoes must be worn at all times for all activities in all ActivateFit.Gym facilities.
  8. All weight plates and equipment must be replaced to storage racks/areas upon completion of use.
  9. No food is to be eaten in any of the ActivateFit.Gym facilities.
  10. The use of cameras and/or any recording device including mobile telephones with cameras is not permitted in any ActivateFit.Gym facility without management consent, and must not be used in the following areas: change rooms; toilets; gym. ActivateFit.Gym staff may from time to time use recording devices in gym facilities and will seek appropriate permission from any individual who may be filmed or photographed. ActivateFit.Gym reserves the right to use these photographs/images/recordings for commercial purposes without payment.
  11. Any member caught stealing will have their membership terminated without refund, will not be allowed back on the premises, and will be referred to the appropriate authorities.
  12. Abuse of, or damage to any property or equipment will not be tolerated and offenders may be asked to leave the premises and membership terminated. Members must pay for any loss or damage caused by them.
  13. Members must at all times respect other ActivateFit.Gym facility members, guests and staff and must not engage in conduct that disturbs, detracts or impairs any other person's experience. Offensive language, threatening, intimidating or violent behaviour or harassment of any form is prohibited. Offenders will be asked to leave the premises and membership may be cancelled.
  14. Members must adhere to gym etiquette signs in club at all times.
  15. Only ActivateFit.Gym staff and approved Trainers of ActivateFit.Gym are permitted to provide personal training at the facilities.
  16. Members must adhere to any additional policies or procedures as determined by ActivateFit.Gym from time to time in relation to the use of ActivateFit.Gym facilities.
  17. Members must complete at any time as required by ActivateFit.Gym a medical questionnaire.
  18. No loitering in or around change areas is permitted
  19. Members must monitor their own physical condition at all times and exercise to a level that is appropriate given member knowledge of their health and any medical advice obtained.
  20. These premises are used for activities which are by their nature potentially dangerous and involve physical risk of injury. Prior to using these facilities you must be satisfied that you have no pre-existing health conditions or injuries which may be exacerbated by the use of these facilities. If you are in doubt consult your physician before using the facilities.  It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your medical condition.   You must not use these premises if you are under the influence of alcohol, pharmaceutical medication or illicit drugs, or if you are sleep deprived or you haven't eaten sufficiently.